First Lutheran Church

Gladstone, Michigan

1212 Minneapolis Ave.
Gladstone, MI-49837
Phone: 906-428-4565

Who We Are?

Lutherans are regular, ordinary people, with all the hurts, pains, and weaknesses shared by all of humanity.

Lutherans have been called to faith and to community by God’s Holy Spirit.

Lutherans gather around the gifts of God’s grace given to us through the cross and the empty tomb of Jesus.

Lutherans go forth to be God’s people in the world, to proclaim in word and deed the grace of God. We know that we have something the world desperately needs!

Lutherans recognize great value in the ministry that each one of us carries out in our daily life. Not all are called to the traditional ministry of the church, but all are called to be ministers each and every day.

Lutherans continue to struggle with sin, but do so in the confidence of a loving and gracious God who nurtures us, sometimes disciplines us, and always welcomes us back!

Lutherans know that in the end our life, our faith, our discipleship – and our future are not our own, but God’s to guide, direct, and sustain!

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